Winners from our 13 January draw

Nelson Bond no. 20325 548572
Auckland Bond no. 19563 408803
Melbourne, Australia Bond no. 08155 666864

And 179,743 more...

The mix of prizes in a month may vary. The mix of major prizes will include no less than one $1 MILLION prize, one $100,000 prize and one $50,000 prize.

Next draw published here 10 February

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Winners' Stories

The call that can change lives

Calling a Bonus Bonds customer to let them know they've won a million dollars can be a life changing experience - both for the winner and for the ANZ branch manager who gets to make the call.

Check out our video to see what it feels like to tell someone they’re 1 million dollars richer.

December 2014, Murchison

Bonus Windfall.

Murchison locals Christine and Allen
Peacock are thrilled to have won
$25,000 worth of Bonus Bonds this
month after investing in the
savings scheme only
four months ago.

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